Guessing Games

There’s a guessing game going on over at facebook right now. The first person to correctly guess how many squares I have in my possession will win a real prize. I’m not entirely sure what the prize will be yet, but there WILL be one. Here’s a photo of *some* of the squares on my kitchen table earlier this afternoon, to whet your guessing appetite. Hop on over to facebook and have a look…



Knitting, TONIGHT!

So, I’ve been really dreadful keeping up with things of late and it completely slipped my mind that I needed to tell people about the next planned knit-in. Yes, it’s short notice, yes, it’s final’s week, and yes, it’s the festive season of mayhem and merriment but if you have a spare hour tonight PLEASE come and join us at 6 Friends Cafe for some yarny shenanigans. You won’t regret it.

The fun starts at 5.30pm, but feel free to drop in anytime.

Bumps in the Road

I debated a little about making this post but decided that as this blog is about recording the entire process of the Diversity Project, I should share the not-so-good stuff as well. I’m hitting a few bumps in the road.

Mostly, these bumps are entirely personal and probably far greater in my head than they actually are. Mostly, they’re about me having a crisis of faith in the fact that I can see this project through to a positive completion, but when I found myself awake at 4am this morning, worried about Project stuff, I knew I had to get it out somewhere. Please, bear with me.

So, we have 97 squares right now. That’s phenomenal, I know that, everyone has worked so very hard, giving up time, energy, and money for this project and I am so very grateful. But, of course, I’m having a mild panic that we won’t get to the 144 squares we need in time to put this blanket together. And that’s only the first in a series of worries–I won’t bore you with details of everything I’m anxious about but let’s just say that following my present anxieties through to their logical (at least in my head) conclusion takes us to just west of Armageddon. You know how these things work, I’m sure.

There’s other stuff too. Yesterday I got an email from the Vis. Center telling me that they want to work with the Diversity Project but need to know what our budget is. Budget? What’s that? So far this project has run entirely on fresh air and goodwill, there is no budget. And because the ultimate aim is to raise funds for an LGBT scholarship, it seems rather counter-intuitive to spend money that should go into a scholarship fund. All that, though, is highly academic when I suspect that the budget they need will run into thousands of dollars. Ah well.

The real problem right now, though, is that I’m massively over-extended. My 20-hour semester is drawing to a demanding close and for the last couple of weeks multiple final papers have been jostling for brain space alongside looming final exams. That’s why blog updates have been so thin on the ground–I’ve just run out of time. I’m exhausted, have been under-the-weather physically, and fretful. I feel as if I’m not doing the project justice at all, and that brings its own guilt. So many people that I’ve spoken too have such wonderful ideas–live music events (we have more than one potential venue, and plenty of possible bands), advertising campaigns with those little scan/bar code thingies around campus and downtown, suggestions for display venues, but I don’t have time to follow-up on any of these suggestions. Ideally, I’d like to appoint a right-hand person, someone to pick up some of the slack that I’m dropping–even if that slack just involves updating the blog or the facebook page, or taking over organizing a live music event, but because this is my Gaines project I can’t do that. It has to be my work, I can’t farm it out to someone else.

So, I just need to trust in the fact that things will get better. I will get over these bumps in the road and a couple of days rest after my finals end next Friday will, I’m sure, make all the difference. In the meantime, kind words and thoughts will be gratefully accepted.

Heading for the Hundred

Huge shout outs and thanks to two wonderful people today–Joy and Jessi who, between them, have managed to add an astonishing 35 squares to the tally. Joy made 9 wonderful squares and Jessi has made an incredible 26. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. That makes the total squares in my possession 75, but I’m more than willing to bet that with the squares I know are in progress, the total must be getting close to 100. I’m hoping that we can at least get to the 100 mark before the end of November, and that with a bit of luck and continued focus we can get close to the 144 target by the end of December. That would give me plenty of time for embroidery and construction which is going to be a lengthy process in itself.

Tomorrow should help add to that total–it’s our Knit-In at Great Bagel. As ever, there will be wonderful company and a relaxed atmosphere–if you haven’t been to one of our knit-ins before, this would be an excellent opportunity to join us–and bring a friend!

Forgive me, wordpress, for I have sinned…

…it has been FAR too many days since my last post.

And, of course, I have a multitude of reasons why I’ve not updated over the last couple of weeks but it mostly comes down to the looming end-of-semester workload which, after eleven weeks of snapping at my heels like a determined terrier, has now snagged a tooth in the hem of my jeans and is determined to drag me to the ground. In other words, I’ve been really busy.

That said, there’s still been plenty happening with the Diversity Project. I’ve been knitting away and have several plain squares ready for embellishment and embroidery, just as soon as inspiration strikes. And this Sunday we have our Knit-In at Great Bagel, which I’m terribly excited about–what more excuse could anyone need to join in than the promise of fresh-from-the-oven bagels and wonderful company? I’m hoping we can take over their eaterie with our fabulousness.

Last week, I finally delivered on my promise to get some collection boxes in place. Susan’s brother very generously spent hours of his time painting empty boxes and I delivered them on Thursday of last week. If you’re in need of a place to drop off your squares, then here are your choices:


* Patterson Office Tower, 13th Floor

* OUTsource (Student Center)

* W T Young Library, Writing Center, 5th Floor


* Re-Belle, Limestone Street

* Gaines Center for the Humanities, Raymond Betts Building, East Maxwell Street

I have one more box to place this week–the kind folks at Mellow Mushroom have very generously offered to have a collection point for us so I’ll be calling them and setting it up. I could do with a few more off-campus sites so if you can think of anywhere friendly, do let me know and I’ll get some more boxes out there.

And with that, time for me to get back to the endless pile of reading that seems to have materialized on my desk–good thing I can read and knit at the same time!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

Sunday Brunch Knit-In Planned

Our next Knit-In is planned!

It’s going to take place on Sunday 20th November, 11.00am, at Great Bagel, 396 Woodland Avenue, Lexington, 40508. They’re relatively new to the Lexington area, situated on the corner of Woodland and Euclid (the same block as Lynagh’s and Cosmic Charlie’s).

They’re happy for us to sit, knit, and hang-out with them for as long as we like–I’ll get there around 11am but if anyone wants to show up earlier, then please do so. Their bagels are out of the oven at 6am, 9am, and noon, which you might want to bear in mind–can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with a warm, oven-fresh bagel, a mug of coffee, and knitting? Oh, and for anyone with food allergy issues they also make a gluten free bagel (I had the cinnamon raisin last weekend, which was delicious) and I’m almost certain that I heard they have lactose-free milk products for their drinks.

Anyway, make sure you put the date in your diary, come along and join us!

40 and counting…

That’s how many squares I have in my physical possession right now. And they’re all beautiful. That’s a pretty good number (and it’s a substantial pile) but we still have a way to go – 104 more to go, to be precise. I know there are still a lot more out there and I’m trusting to everyone who keeps telling me that we have this under control. But can we do it by Christmas so that I can start getting this blanket pieced together in time for it to go on display in March? I’m determined that we can.

Last night’s Knit-In at Coffee Times was another fabulous success–some familiar faces, some new faces, lots of coffee, a few pieces of cake, and a lot of knitting. I’ve put some photos up on facebook, please feel free to tag yourself in them if you were there.

Thomas, the brother of my lovely partner, Susan, has spent the better part of a week working on some collection boxes to make it easier for you to get your squares to me. I’ll be getting them in place this week, so hopefully more squares will come rolling in. You’ll be able to find the boxes in the following locations:

UK Campus:

Patterson Office Tower, 13th floor (outside room 1353)

Outsource (ground floor of the Student Center)

WT Young Library (in the Writing Center, 5th floor)

Gaines Center for the Humanities (Raymond Betts Building, on East Maxwell Street)

Downtown Lexington

ReBelle (371 South Limestone Street)

I’ve got another two boxes currently without a home so if you have any suggestions for drop-off points, please let me know!