Squares, Yarn, and Needles

If you plan to contribute knitted or crocheted squares, yarn, or spare needles (and hooks) then we’ll need them as soon as possible (we’re accepting them RIGHT NOW, in fact!) but no later than 31st December 2011. Yes, I’ll still accept anything you donate after this date but the blanket will go “into construction” straight after Christmas–we’ll need a couple of months before the blanket goes on display in march to physically put it together, mostly because of the sheer amount of work involved in embroidering the squares and piecing them together in an aesthetically pleasing way. . Please, please, please, though, try to get your contributions to us as soon as you possibly can.


We’re still working on a physical mailing address. If you have something ready to go right now, please email me at and we’ll liaise directly with you. If you’re in Lexington, there will be several collection points around campus and the downtown area where you can take your donations. Again, these are still in the process of being set up so in the interim email me on the above address and we’ll figure out a rendezvous of an un-shady nature to take your donations off your hands

Quotes and Dedications

These are much easier to negotiate and we have a lot more leeway about deadlines. That said, we’d still like to get your quotes and dedications in as soon as possible so that we can properly catalog them. Quotes and dedications can be emailed now to, and will be accepted until the blanket is completed and ready for display. Bear in mind, though, that we can’t promise to include any quotes or dedications received late in the construction process–but we’ll post a note on the website when the blanket is nearing completion. Please make sure that you mark your email with either “LGBT QUOTE” or “LGBT DEDICATION” when you send it in.


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