What is The Diversity Project?

The Diversity Project seeks to create a large piece of yarn-art as a visual representation of the diversity and identity of the LGBT community in Lexington, Kentucky. It is being produced by Catherine Brereton, a student at the University of Kentucky, Gaines Fellow, and member of Lexington’s LGBT community, and in collaboration with the Gaines Center for the Humanities.

People of the LGBT community (including friends and allies), the Lexington community, the community of faculty, staff, and students at the University of Kentucky, and the knitting (and crocheting) community are invited to contribute to this project in two ways–either by knitting or crocheting a square for the blanket, or by contributing a short sentence or quote about LGBT identity. These quotes will later be embroidered onto the blanket. At least 144 squares will be needed to complete the blanket. Specific instructions about contributions will be posted shortly, but in the interim please email the Project organizer at ukdiversityproject@gmail.com for further information.

It is my hope that the blanket will be completed in Spring 2012 and will be displayed in a prominent downtown location for the public to view and consider, and a charity auction will be planned to coincide with Lexington Pride 2012. The proceeds of the auction will either be donated to LGBT organizations within Lexington or used to create a one-off scholarship for an LGBT student here in Lexington.

Contributors are also invited to include a short biography (no more than one paragraph) of themselves and their connection to the LGBT community, whether directly or through a family member or friend. These biographies will be published in a publicly-accessible format as yet to be determined. And, of course, contributions can also be anonymous.

Community knitting events will be planned for late 2011 to allow as many people to participate as possible, and knitting instruction will be available at these events to those who have yet to learn how to knit.

I hope you will find a way to get involved in this exciting project!

*For those who prefer crochet to knitting, please assume the words knit, knitting, or knitter as shorthand which includes crochet, crocheting, and crocheter!


10 thoughts on “What is The Diversity Project?

    • Rebecca, I’d welcome whatever contribution you are able to make–and will certainly need help with the embroidery part of the project. Thank you so much for offering to be a part of this, I’ll be in touch again as the project progresses.

    • Thanks, Heather! I’ll definitely be in touch about maybe getting you on board for some of the community knit-nights I’m hoping to host–we’ll definitely need people willing to teach newcomers at those.

      • Thanks Austin! Watch this space (and the facebook page) for details about community knit-nights, I’m hoping to hold them all before Christmas. If you knit a square before then, there will be instructions soon on how to get it to me. And the sooner I get squares, the better, as it’s going to take a couple of months to photograph and catalogue them all, as well as putting the blanket together.

  1. How do you feel about people outside of Lexington contributing? A friend of mine linked me to this and I’d love to add a square but I’m over in West Virginia! Is extended community okay?

    • Extended community is MORE than okay, I would LOVE for you to add a square. I really want this Project to demonstrate the fact that community exists outside of geography–I have family in England who are contributing, and already several people as far apart as Chicago and Washington State have contributed squares and yarn, so yes, please do add your square and your name to the Project. I’d be delighted to include you, and thank you!

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