Last night was the Big Reveal, the Unveiling, the culmination of eight months hard work and a whole lot of love and commitment. Against all expectations, I didn’t cry–came a little close when I was thanking people at the end but for the most part I managed to hold it together. And the reaction from the crowd (about 250 strong!) was wonderful. I was really just too overwhelmed to notice anything other than the ridiculously powerful spotlight in my face but I’m told that there was a huge gasp of (hopefully) astonishment. Lots of people milled around and looked at the blanket, searching out squares that they knew about or had knit. It was quite a moment. I’ve posted lots of pictures on the facebook page, including plenty of the drag show that followed–which was fabulous, by the way, but as I know that not everyone has a facebook account it would be remiss of me not to post photos here.

Before the pictures though let me remind any interested parties that squares are still available for sponsorship and right now I’m trying to raise as much money as possible for the Diversity Project LGBT Scholarship. There’s a link to Paypal over on the right of this page, you can donate via Paypal or you can send a check directly to me. If you choose Paypal, please send it to ukdiversityproject@gmail.com. If you want to send a check, email me (at the same address) for further details. Let’s see if we can make this $1000 into $2000!

Now, though, it’s picture time!

Doesn’t it look fantastic?


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