Sponsor a Square

With the blanket itself completed and unveiled, it’s now time to turn our attention to the Diversity Project LGBT Scholarship. Already, there’s $1,000 in the Scholarship Fund but I’m excited to see just how much more we can raise and just how much of a contribution we can make to one (or maybe more?) LGBT student’s life.

Here’s where anyone can contribute. There are 168 squares in the Diversity Project and you can sponsor one. I’m suggesting a minimum donation amount of $20 but you can really donate any amount that you like. Contributions can be sent via Paypal–there’s a button over there on the right of the page which will take you directly to Paypal, and payments should be sent to ukdiversityproject@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can send me a check–but please email me (same address as Paypal) for details of where to send your check.

If you are making a payment via Paypal, please be certain to put all your details in the information box as you check out–that will enable me to make sure your sponsorship details are fully noted and acknowledged, although if you would prefer to remain anonymous that’s fine too.

There’s no time limit right now on sponsorship, although I am hoping to be in a position to award the Scholarship in the upcoming 2012/13 school year. Further details about that will follow in due course.

I know so many of you have already participated in this Project and have made it a tremendous success–please help in making this final stage meaningful for one of our LGBT students and sponsor a square today.

Many thanks.


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