Crochet, crochet, and yet more crochet

I seem to be starting every post lately with an apology for not updating more regularly. It’s become a bit of a recurrent theme, not dissimilar to my recent facebook status updates which almost always seem to tell the world (or at least the part of it that wants to see what I’m up to) that I’ve burnt my toast. For the record (and not that it’s particularly relevant here) I’ve burnt my breakfast toast six times so far this year. And it’s only February. Maybe I should switch to an alternative breakfast that does not involve any level of cooking.

Back to business though, and right now we’re engaged in the long, long, long task of crocheting borders on the individual squares. We have around 160 squares right now, with the promise of more on their way, so there’s a LOT of crocheting going on. It’s a plea I’ve made before and will make again but if you can possibly help with this you will be added to my list for sainthood–because, of course, I have so much say over these things. Seriously, though, there are about 70 more squares needing borders. Even if you can only do a couple, I would appreciate it so very much. And, while I’m on the topic, huge thanks to those who have already volunteered their services–Ann, Kerri, Asri, and Marlayna. You ladies are absolute stars and I love you very much for doing this.If you can help, give me a nudge at or find me on facebook and I’ll be happy to furnish you with squares and yarn.

We’re also in the process of finalising a display space for the blanket. Margie and MB have been helping with that and gave me some rather excellent news today that we’re all hoping will pan out. I can’t say much more than that at the moment, but if this venue comes off, it would be wonderful. I’m keeping every flexible joint crossed.

One last thing before I hit “publish” on this post–although hopefully I’ll remember to update about this again. I’ll be on WRFL Radio Free Lexington again next Friday, with the lovely Allie, on her Out Loud show. Tune in between 3pm and 4pm for updates and chit chat.



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