Heading for the Hundred

Huge shout outs and thanks to two wonderful people today–Joy and Jessi who, between them, have managed to add an astonishing 35 squares to the tally. Joy made 9 wonderful squares and Jessi has made an incredible 26. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. That makes the total squares in my possession 75, but I’m more than willing to bet that with the squares I know are in progress, the total must be getting close to 100. I’m hoping that we can at least get to the 100 mark before the end of November, and that with a bit of luck and continued focus we can get close to the 144 target by the end of December. That would give me plenty of time for embroidery and construction which is going to be a lengthy process in itself.

Tomorrow should help add to that total–it’s our Knit-In at Great Bagel. As ever, there will be wonderful company and a relaxed atmosphere–if you haven’t been to one of our knit-ins before, this would be an excellent opportunity to join us–and bring a friend!


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