6 Friends…with PUPPIES!

The Knit-In at 6 Friends Cafe was HUGE success; around 20 supporters turned up, picked up needles and crochet hooks, and got to work making beautiful squares for the Project. To say that I was delighted is a huge understatement. And, halfway through the night, a friend of 6 Friends arrived with a box of two-week old English Bulldog puppies so we all got to take a break from our knitting and snuggle with the puppies. Look at this little cutie with his crochet hook…

I’m delighted that so many people came, not just to support the Project, but also to support 6 Friends Cafe. Hopefully we weren’t too much of a disruption for the other diners. And as a result of the Knit-In’s success, I’m meeting with Dee (the owner of 6 Friends) this week to talk about the possibility of holding a live music event at the Cafe to raise funds directly for the Diversity Project Scholarship. This is a very exciting possibility, and I really hope we can pull it off. Watch this space for more details.

It was particularly poignant that the Project got together on Wednesday night–some of you may have seen the news reports about the tragic death of Canada teen, Jamie Hubley. Jamie, a gay teen, sadly took his own life after struggling with bullying and acceptance in his small community. There’s a lot of coverage of Jamie’s story, but here’s a link to the Huffington Post article. Rebecca W, who has created beautiful squares for Lexington students Josh, Jessie, and Hannah, brought with her a square that she had already made in memory of Jamie. In his last blog post, Jamie said that he wanted to be remembered as a unicorn. Rebecca made that come true. Here’s Jamie’s square…

It’s another heartbreaking reminder of exactly why this Project is so important.



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