A Face For Radio…

I get to campus around 7.45 most mornings, usually only half-awake and in need of a gentle start to the day. Tuesday mornings are my favourite though; I work in the Writing Center on Tuesdays and don’t start until 10.00am which means only one thing: Starbucks Chai latte. Yes, I admit, I’m a fan of the Evil Coffee Empire. Chai latte is my vice; I could drink gallons of the stuff but instead I limit myself to a grande non-fat on Tuesday mornings whilst I get some class reading done before my Writing Center shift starts. And, of course, that’s exactly where I found myself this morning when my cellphone rang.

I’d been reading “A Christmas Carol”, as folks do in October. Actually, I’m reading it for an English class, but it’s always such a jolly romp of a story; the ending never fails to make me cry (even in public) and it’s always a pleasure to have an excuse to pick it up again. I’d just discreetly wiped away the tears and was moving on to “Cranford” when my annoying ringtone burst through Starbucks morning jazz. I must have sounded like an idiot when I answered it and couldn’t tell who it was, but after several requests for them to repeat themselves I managed to ascertain that it was someone from a television network who had a free slot on their lunchtime show and wanted to feature the Diversity Project.

After I finished internally squealing, I realized that I had a slight problem. I was scheduled to work until 3.30pm and they wanted me at the studio by noon. Thankfully, I have the most supportive and wonderful boss at the Writing Center and after a quick conversation with Ashley, an email to Judy, and a little wiggling of the schedule I was freed up to go, Cue a mad 11am gallop (actually, it was more like a hectic walk) to pick up the car from the other end of town, followed by a nerve-wracking drive across Lexington to the studio. The drive shouldn’t have been nerve-wracking, and to anyone else it probably wouldn’t have been but the car was low on petrol (that cute little orange light flashed at me all the way there) and I have a track record of getting hopelessly lost every time I try to go somewhere new. The universe was smiling today, though, as I arrived safely at ABC 36’s studio with ten minutes to spare.

I was ushered into the studio where Kristi Runyon was busy delivering the lunchtime news and Geoff Cornish was working on the weather report, and was more than excited to see the interview couch all set up and ready to go.

Yes, I am the sort of geek that takes a picture of this kind of thing. See the camera? And do you see what’s on the screen behind the couch? It’s our yarn picture! And there were screens and autocues everywhere I looked. The cameraman got me set up with a microphone and by 12.20pm we were ready to go.

Kristi, I have to say, was absolutely lovely–and really pretty, she did a great job of putting me at my ease and making it sound like I knew what I was talking about. In reality, though, I was nervous as heck and found myself babbling a great deal. Typically, I was just starting to get into my stride when my three and a half minutes of fame was up and it was all over. Check out the video here, and see what you think.

This wasn’t my only television appearance this week, though. Last week, Emily from UK’s Student News Network interviewed me for their broadcast which was aired on Monday evening on Channel 16. You can view that interview here, my part starts at 2 minutes and 56 seconds. Huge kudos to Emily and the rest of the journalism majors responsible for this broadcast–they did a very professional job.

So, how do we top this? Ellen…?


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