Increasing Visibility

It’s been long overdue but tonight I sent out a huge stack of emails about the Project and my list was nothing short of ambitious. Top of the list was, of course our Mayor, Jim Gray. He’s been a wonderful supporter of the Gaines Center for several years no so it seemed natural to email him about the project. What I’m hoping for, perhaps naively, is some space (maybe in the Town Hall?) to display the finished blanket and possibly even a meeting with Mayor Gray himself to talk about the project. I know, he’s a hugely busy man, but my grandmother taught me nothing ventured, nothing gained (when she wasn’t teaching me about financial etiquette, that is) so I put my anxieties aside and set my goals high.

So who else was on this list? The Advocate, naturally, and then several local media outlets and organizations–the Lexington Herald Leader, Kentucky Kernel, WEKU, PFLAG Lexington, and Lexington Fairness to name but a few. I thought it would only take a few minutes to send off a couple of emails but several hours later I’ve only just finished. PR is both time consuming and exhausting. I haven’t heard back from any of the television stations I contacted a few weeks ago–I’ll give it another week and then contact them again. Hopefully, though, some of the organizations I’ve emailed tonight will contact me over the next few days.

What else? Oh yes, something VERY exciting. Actually, there are several very exciting things but I’ll focus on just the one for now. KJ, my faculty juror, contacted UK’s Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments about the project, and it seems they might be interested in working with us to create some kind of “virtual” display for the blanket! Actually, the reply mentioned a “multitouch” system and whilst I have no real idea what that is, it sounds terribly high-tech and wonderful. I’m imagining some kind of interactive touchscreen which would make it possible to click on an image of a blanket square and retrieve information about who knitted the square, who donated the yarn, and who it’s dedicated to. Of course, I may be getting far head of myself here and there’s no guarantee yet that they will be able to work with us, but I can’t help but think that it would be an amazing complement to the blanket and would really take this project to a new level of fabulousness. I’m hoping we can set up a meeting later this month and I will, of course, keep everyone posted with developments.


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