Let’s Talk About…

If there’s one thing I hate to talk about, it’s money. I was brought up to believe that talking about what you have is insensitive to those who don’t have, and talking about what you don’t have is just a step short of begging so I rarely, if ever, talk about financial matters with anyone other than my partner, and even then we both agree that on the rare occasions we have spare cash, it causes us more angst than not having it. As long as the bills are paid, there’s food in the fridge and clothes on our back we’re content. But as the Diversity Project really starts to shift forwards, I’m having to adapt myself to a slightly different mindset.

Put bluntly, The Diversity Project is starting to cost money.

I’m worried that saying this makes me sound incredibly ungenerous. But there are posters to be printed (I spent $10 on coloured paper and $70 on a new ink cartridge this week), snacks and drinks to buy for next week’s Knit-In, needles to buy for the Knit-In (I’m expecting at least 20 people so far and don’t have that many spare pairs of needles…), and a post office box to organize and pay for ($26 for a year). It all mounts up, and even these seemingly trivial expenses add up to around $200 which I have to confess, at the risk of making my grandmother turn frantically in her grave, our private finances just cannot support.

This website is not the place to lay bare every aspect of mine and my partner’s financial life in a bid to justify a plea for financial help–grandma is already turning, let’s not heap any more distress on her–but I do have to ask for financial support, on behalf of the Diversity Project, if this project is going to be the success I want it to be and the success that the LGBT community deserves.

So with that in mind, I’ve set up a Paypal account for the Diversity Project and I’m accepting (and grateful for) financial contributions. They don’t have to be huge, even just $5 will make an enormous difference, and anything that is surplus to the immediate needs of the project will be put towards the LGBT scholarship that is part of the Project’s ultimate goal. People have already been so very generous in donating squares and yarn, and I hope I can continue to count on that generosity as we take the Project forwards.

Donations are now being accepted via Paypal–and should be sent to ukdiversityproject@gmail.com.


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