Tune In!

This week has been hugely exciting for me–the Diversity Project is attracting some local media attention!

Yesterday, I did podcast interview for our local NPR station, WUKY. My interviewer, Josh James, was lovely, and I also got to meet the Programming Manager, Stacy Yelton, who I now realize has been following the Project’s progress almost since the beginning. Not only is the podcast already live on their website but they’re also going to edit it down to shorter chunks and air it during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Very exciting!

Click here to listen to the WUKY podcast.

Today at 3pm, I’m also going to be on WRFL 88.1 Radio Free Lexington. I’ll be on the Out Loud show with Allie Huddleston. Those of you in Lexington, please tune in and let me know what you think. For those a little further afield, I’m pretty sure that you can listen in via the website so if you have chance, please do so.

Next week I’ll be recording another podcast for the University of Kentucky’s College of Arts & Sciences, which will be available on their website. One of the members of my Jury Panel, KJ Rawson, has very kindly agreed to participate with me. I’ll post more about that when we’ve recorded the podcast.

Thanks to the lovely people at WUKY and WRLF for the wonderful publicity–I’ve enjoyed speaking publicly about the Project far more than I ever anticipated I would. Now, does anyone know how to get in touch with Ellen…?




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