The Diversity Project Knit-In!

Can I just say, before I get on to apologizing for not having updated here for so long, that thinking up titles for these blog posts is really stressful for me? I probably shouldn’t confess that, being an English major and all–there’s probably an unwritten law that I’m breaking–but there it is. I simply can’t ever think of snappy, witty, engaging titles.

With that admission taken care of, on to the apology. I’ve been so busy over the last week or so that I just haven’t had time to think, let along write a blog post. But the academic chaos of the first part of the week (three exams and two papers in three days) has somewhat subsided and I’m in a much calmer space, a space which affords me time to  update with Project progress.And there’s been plenty of progress, deserving of more than one post, so rather than writing one enormo-post (which I doubt anyone would read the whole way through), I’ll do my best to split it up into manageable chunks.

So: we have an event planned! Thursday 6th October, between 6.30-9.00pm at the Gaines Center for the Humanities, there will be a knit-in. I’m very excited about it. There’s a facebook page for the event (of course there is) so if you plan to come, click on the event and let me know. Actually, there are two pages for one event because I got confused and created one with my name attached and one with the Diversity Project name attached. It doesn’t matter which you RSVP to, they’re one and the same, so if you come across two events, just put it down to my over-eagerness.

The Gaines Center for the Humanities can be found in Commonwealth House, on East Maxwell Street here in Lexington. The knit-in will be in the lounge area, which you can’t miss when you walk in through the front door. Please, if you can come, bring a pair of knitting needles (see the patterns page for needle sizes etc)–I have some spares but nowhere near enough. We do, though, have yarn, although if you can bring a skein of your own to work with that would be wonderful too. I’m hoping to have a few other knitting friends there so that there’ll be some instruction for new or rusty knitters–but one way or another we’ll get you knitting!

Just a note about parking. East Maxwell Street now has a bike lane on the right so much of the public parking has gone. I noticed tonight that there’s still some parking on the left of Maxwell Street but it’s pretty limited. There’s also some public and metered parking on the surrounding roads (there are definitely meters on Lexington Avenue). Behind the Gaines Center (in between Maxwell Street and Memorial Coliseum) there’s a big UK parking lot which, apparently, any UK permit holder can use after 3.30pm and which, I’m told, the public can use after 7pm. I’ll double check that this week, but would add that if you choose to park there, you do so at your own risk.

And on that note, I’ll sign off. Please, share the event with your friends, I’d love to see as many people at the knit-in as possible!


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