I Promised You Photos…

…and photos you shall have. Without any further ado,

This square is my work, but the beautiful rainbow ribbon yarn was donated to me in a Random Act of Knitterly Kindness (in those peaceful pre-project days!) by a lovely friend called Lori. It felt very appropriate to pass on the love by using some of it for the project.

This one was my work too. It’s really simply, just a stocking stitch square, but is exactly the kind of thing that will work well for us to embroider quotes and dedications on.

This beautiful work is from someone choosing to be known as A Perfect Stranger. There’s a story behind the quote and the dedication that accompanied it (and yes, it made me cry) but I’m saving that for the completed blanket.

An amazing lady called Rebecca is in the process of creating this square. Rebecca takes care of a memorial garden at one of our local high schools, a role she stepped into after the tragic loss of her son. I’ve been corresponding with Rebecca quite a bit over the last week or so and am honoured that she wants to be part of this project.

I also took delivery of some yarn this week…
Nadean sent this beautiful yarn for the project. In fact, she sent a total of 4 skeins which is just short of 400 yards. It’s going to make some stunning squares.

I almost forgot–one of the parents at my youngest daughter’s school handed me an envelope last Thursday night with $30 in to buy some yarn. Actually, as I’m typing this I think I’m recalling already mentioning it, but it bears mentioning twice. Peoples’ generosity is truly heart-warming.

So, that’s all the pictures I have for now–if you have squares in progress or finished, I’d love to see pictures and share them with all the supporters out there.


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