Crazy Day Ahead!

There’s been LOTS happening behind the scenes today which should start to pave the way for more publicity and more collaboration. Tomorrow, my one day a week (almost) free from classes, will be spent juggling the class work that I’ve got to get finished alongside meeting a couple of people who could be extremely influential in making or breaking this project.

At 10am I’m meeting with the PR specialist I mentioned last week. She was involved with an organization very close to mine and Susan’s hearts, so it will be a delight to finally meet her (we’ve corresponded before but haven’t actually met) and I’m very much looking forward to hearing her suggestions for moving the project forwards. Plus: we’re meeting in a coffee shop I haven’t visited before which is always fun. I know, I’m easily pleased in that regard.

Sometime after that, but before lunch, I’ll be getting together with the director of UK’s OUTsource organizations, Tiffany. I’ve had a couple of classes with Tiffany over the last two semesters and she’s really dedicated to LGBT issues. It will be fabulous to have the backing of OUTsource and could really raise the profile of the project on campus. Plus” more coffee. Yes, I’ll be highly caffeinated before the afternoon is out.

Today, one of my classmates, Eric, who is in my current writing class sent me a wonderful email. Eric has very kindly passed on a list of useful LGBT contacts here in the community–it’s an astonishing list and I’m grateful to the work he put in just to put the list together. I’ll be starting to email people tomorrow and hopefully promote the project in places that campus promotion wouldn’t ordinarily reach.

Also on my list of tasks for tomorrow is to contact a local printing firm (or two) to enquire if they’d be prepared to donate some printing services for the project. Miss Ashley emailed me her flyers last night and they’re great. They will definitely have more impact if they’re in colour though, which means I’ll need to get a real printing firm involved. And as I now have two confirmed volunteers on board to put some flyers up (thanks, Tasha and Bea!) the sooner we get those flyers printed, the better. On that note, I’ll still need more volunteers for the campus area so if you can help with that, please get in touch.

Totally off-topic, but definitely worthy of sharing is the news that we are kitten-sitting the two sweetest kittens for our friends this weekend. Mandula and Mazsola are currently curled up sleeping whilst our three cats look bemused and just a little perturbed at our guests. I know, kittens have nothing to do with the project but they’re always worth talking about.

And as the kittens are sleeping, so it’s time for me to sign off and get ready for a crazy day tomorrow.


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