Making Progress

It’s been quite a day and I’m posting this at the wrong end of it, and after my brain has been taxed to capacity so please forgive any scattered thoughts. But let me just give you a quick update on the day’s progress before I hit the proverbial hay.

My Jury is, I think, in place. I had coffee with a couple of friends earlier today. Side note: I always wonder about declaring that I “had coffee” with someone when, in fact, I don’t drink coffee. But “having tea” sounds just a little awkward, even for an English lass. Has the term “having coffee” simply come to represent the act of socializing with generic hot beverages? If that’s the case then I did, indeed, “have coffee”. Anyway, I’ve known MB for about a year–we were in a writing class together (yes, I’ve taken more than my fair share of them) and quickly became friends, although we barely get to see each other anymore and communicate mostly through facebook. I’ve only met Margie once, at a knitting group (of course) here in Lexington but she’s a very close friend of MB’s. Both of them are very excited about the Project and have dozens of great ideas for publicity and possibly sponsorship.

I’m rambling though.

To cut a long and unnecessary story short, I asked MB to be my community jury member. She’s been a member of the Lexington community for a long time and has her finger on the pulse of everything from politics to fine arts.  I respect her experience and intellect greatly and really value her opinions. MB has agreed to serve on my jury so all that remains now is to check with my Fellowship directors that both she and KJ fit any criteria that the Gaines program has. Assuming that they are happy with my choices, then the jury is complete.

In other news, the Diversity Project now has a facebook page. In the 24 hours since the page was set up, an astonishing 49 people have “liked” it. At the risk of being repetitive, I am once again amazed at how many people are interested in this Project. And, even better, I’ve noticed that a significant number of people who don’t actually know me are joining the page, which is even better–the word is spreading!

I still have to apply myself to the mathematics of this piece–with so many people expressing interest it’s really important that I keep the momentum going and publish specific details about how to contribute before that energy fizzles out. Besides, if I’m going to meet my potential deadlines, this Project needs to get going in a physical way pretty quickly.

Today, I had plans to get all of my class work done in the sanctuary of a local coffee shop (20 credit hours this semester…you all know what that means for my sanity!) but the best laid plans and all that mean I only got through a fraction of what I needed to. I’ll be on campus and in class all day tomorrow with no time to catch up, and we’re out for dinner with family tomorrow night so I don’t expect much progress will be made on the Project until Saturday when, hopefully, I’ll have had chance to catch up on my class work. The next few months are going to be an exercise in time–management and juggling, I think. Still, it will keep me out of trouble.

As ever, I’m eager to hear suggestions and ideas. Keep liking that facebook page and start planning your blanket squares!


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